Polish VIP Service


Polish VIP Service


If you are interested in getting your Polish citizenship but you have little time available or simply don’t want to have any stress and would rather deal with the process as little as possible, this is the perfect service for you! imapolania.com will ask for your power of attorney and do whatever is needed for you to get your Polish citizenship confirmation. The price and time estimate are for single applicants who have a relative whose citizenship has already been confirmed. The application of the first applicant may be extended and take up to about a year.


This service includes:

  • Tracing and issuing all required documents for you, both in Poland and in your native country
  • Translations to and from Polish
    translation authentication
  • Polish government fees
  • Filling out forms
  • Regular follow-up with the authorities and monthly updates
  • Transcription of civil documents to Polish ones, needed for the passport application


All this starting at only 2000€ per person, and only 350€ for minors!