Polish Standard Services


Polish Standard Services



If you are interested in getting your Polish citizenship but you are not in a hurry about it, this is the perfect service for you! imapolania.com will receive from you all the necessary documents for the application, submit them directly and do everything necessary until you receive the desired citizenship confirmation. What will be left for you to do is take the documents that imapolania.com will send you and the forms for the passport application that we will fill out for you to the Polish Embassy in your country to request a Polish ID number and your passport. The price and time estimate are for single applicants, who have a relative whose citizenship has already been confirmed. The application of the first applicant may be extended and take up to about a year.

Our Comprehensive Service includes:

  • Tracing documents in Poland
  • Translations to and from Polish by a sworn translator
  • Translation authentication
  • Transcription of civil documents to Polish ones (needed for the passport application)
  • Authentication of documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and certificates of verification of your notary details from the court (Apostille Hague Convention)
  • Polish government fees for issuing documents, submitting applications and others
  • Filling out forms, including the two required by the embassy when applying for the passport
  • Regular follow-up with the authorities and monthly updates
  • Booking an appointment at the embassy

All this starting at only 900€ per person, and 250€ for minors! (price for a bachelor applicant with a parent who holds a citizenship confirmation)

This service does not include:

  • Copying a marriage certificate
  • Locating documents in Europe and adding on “skipped” generations, in case the applicant does not live in Poland
  • Special proceedings for an applicant who has changed his name or divorced (in some cases)
  • Notary fee for correct verification
  • A copy of the passport and other documents that you do not want to separate from 
  • Fee for issuing documents from your current host country  
  • Passport issuance fee charged at the embassy (there are discounts for students)

In case you decided to apply to your citizenship yourself, but encountered some difficulties on the way, or applied with the help of someone else but things didn’t go as well as you expected, imapolania.com promises to try to help you complete other people’s unfinished business without being offended.

We can help you with:

  • English-Polish translations (for translation by a sworn translator, as required in this procedure)
  • Document translation 
  • Translation of personal letters 
  • Form completing
  • Filling out a form in Polish, for example, those required for applying for a passport at the embassy 
  • Careful and orderly completion of the 12 page citizenship application form, according to an online questionnaire that you fill out 
  • Tracing documents in Poland
  • Verification of a document’s copy at the Polish consulate
  • Transcription of documents into Polish 
  • Name change in Poland, to make it equal to your new name, a prerequisite for a passport
  • Schedule appointments on the embassy
  • Certificate of service in the IDF 
  • Divorce recognition
  • You can apply for a passport even on Fridays, but it is hard to get such an appointment
  • Issue a permit online through ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization, if you are a Polish, Lithuanian, Portuguese or from any of the 39 countries in the agreement