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Are You Elegible?

If you have Polish ancestry – for instance, if one of your parents has Polish citizenship – you are already considered a Polish citizen and can apply to have your citizenship verified or confirmed by proving your heritage, as well as other eligibility criteria laid out by the Polish government.

Check the main requirements for a Polish passport here.

Ancestry is usually determined by having Polish ancestors, but you also need to confirm if the ancestors:

  • Were born in Poland (or one of the former Polish territories) and resided there after 1920. Sometimes we can help you even if your ancestors left before 1920, please contact us for further clarification on that matter
  • Also maintained their Polish citizenship until the day of your birth

Polish law can be challenging to understand and, at times, it seems to be full of complexities that can make the process and request for citizenship long and tedious. It may even seem a waste of time.
Not to mention the cost involved…

Well, this is where imapolania.com steps in!

With firsthand experience, we pride ourselves on understanding the ins and outs of Polish citizenship law. Since the acquisition of Polish citizenship is our area of specialty, we are always happy to serve as guides for those trying to navigate through the Polish legal system and paperwork. For your convenience, we have created a simple eligibility calculator that will enable you to find out your eligibility for a Polish passport. It’s really simple, just answer a few questions and you will receive an immediate answer!

If you are eligible, please fill out the online questionnaire, and send it to us. Later, you will receive a proposal.

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Common Questions

We know how hard and confusing these procedures can seem at first sight… That is why we gathered all the main questions people usually make about Polish citizenship acquisition procedures in one place. If you still have questions after reading the information below, you can find more details on our FAQ page.

Polish citizens have been citizens of the European Union since May 1st of 2006, and can work in all of its 27 countries.
As a Polish citizen you can also enter most of the countries in the world more easily, usually with no visa required.
In most cases you will not lose your current citizenship (check here) because if you are eligible that means you were born Polish but are not naturalized as such.
After Brexit many British citizens are eager to get their EU passport in order to remain a part of the EU in the future, regardless of their country’s political decisions. Check the EU website for more information.

As soon as your ancestor turned 16 years old (after 1951) and got his/her citizenship, you and your children are also Polish. You only need to confirm it.
Click here to find essential information about Polish citizenship laws governing this topic.

You can also use our Polish Eligibility Calculator to check if you are eligible for Polish citizenship.

The application is presented in 2 copies in the Polish consulate near your home.
You can check specific opening hours for citizenship issues on the consulate’s website.

Expenses include:

  • Consular fees
  • Document translation
  • Apostilles
  • Form preparation


A request presented in the consulate will take much longer than one presented in Poland due to prolonged administrative proceedings (they admit it, check here)
An application filed in Poland will probably take about 3 months and transcription takes about the same amount of time, but they can be made at the same time.
The passport application process takes about 2 more months.
That means that if your grandfather was born in Poland, it will take about a year until you get your passport if you apply in Poland, or even 3 years if you don’t. So… be patient!

Click here to download the required documents in case you decide to make the application yourself through the embassy (imapolania.com can help you fill them out, check our services page to know more).

Didn't find your answer?

Maybe that was not the section that you were looking for. Check our FAQ page for even more information!

All non-Polish documents must be presented:

  • Translated to Polish
  • With the translation certified
  • With a verification of the document on the notary with a Hague convention apostille (if the issuing country signed the Treaty)

You can write an email or a letter to the city’s registry office. You can also message us and we will send you the address, so you can save waiting time at the embassy.
Some cities do not send documents. If that is the case you can fill out this document, and present it in the consulate, and 3 months later you will get the document there, if found.
imapolania.com  can help you find documents in Poland, sometimes even those you could not find through the consulate. Contact us to find out if we can help!

You can ask for citizenship from the president of Poland. But this type of citizenship cannot be inherited, each person will have to request it, and the further you go from your Polish past the lower the chance you get to have a positive reply. In that case, there is nothing to do but find yourself a nice European groom or bride 🙂

It consists of 3 stages: The first stage is Confirmation of Polish Citizenship, the second stage is Transcription of Documents to Polish Ones, and the third stage is Application for Polish Passport.
Example: Regina, born in Warsaw, is Sheila’s mother, who in turn is David’s mom. David is interested in getting himself a Polish passport. In this case it’s enough that Regina and Sheila confirm their citizenship, one after the other, for David to get his passport and find work in London.

First stage | Confirmation of the Polish citizenship

A person would be Polish by Law if one of his/her parents was Polish at the time of their birth. The purpose of the confirmation process is tomake sure the applicant did not lose his/her citizenship (and neither did their ancestors), before their birth (or before he/she ceased to be a minor).
If you are starting the process and already checked with our Eligibility Calculator if you are eligible, the first thing you should do is obtain the birth certificate of the last of your ancestors born in Poland.

 If you need any help with your application, please find out more in our services page.

Second stage | Transcription of Documents to Polish

This stage is required only for applicants not born or married in Poland.

The required documents are:

  • The original document (check the question “How do I get documents from Poland?“)
  • A copy of the confirmation of your Polish citizenship, if applying through the consulate
  • In case of a name change, a document attesting it

Third stage | Application for Polish Passport

One must show up three times at the consulate, in order to present two forms and to pick up their passport. A minor will be assisted by his parents.

The required documents are:

  • A photocopy of the confirmation of your Polish citizenship
  • A filled out ID number (PESEL) application form
  • 2 copies of a filled out passport application form
  • Passport and a photocopy of it
  • 2 passport photos taken according to the severe instructions that can be checked in the consulate website
  • Applicants not born in Poland will present a Polish birth certificate, transcribed from the original
  • Married women not married in Poland will present a Polish marriage certificate, transcribed from the original
  • A minor will present his parents’ Polish marriage certificate

Minors do not have to perform the first phase, but their parents should prove their consent before the consul in a notary.