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Are You Elegible?

If you have Lithuanian ancestry, for instance, if one of your parents holds Lithuanian citizenship, you are already considered a Lithuanian citizen. This means that you can apply to have your citizenship verified or confirmed by proving your heritage, as well as other eligibility criteria laid out by the Lithuanian government.

Check the main requirements for a Lithuanian passport here!

Lithuanian law can be challenging to understand, and at times it appears to be full of complexities that can make the process and request for citizenship long and tedious. And not to mention the cost involved…

Well, this is where steps in!

With firsthand experience, we pride ourselves on understanding the ins and outs of Lithuanian citizenship law. We are always happy to serve as guides for those trying to navigate the legal system and paperwork. For your convenience, it is now possible to check your eligibility below.

If you are eligible, please fill out the online questionnaire and send it to us. You will then receive a proposal.

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Common Questions

We know how hard and confusing these procedures can seem at first sight… That is why we gathered all the main questions people usually make about Ltihuanian citizenship acquisition procedures in one place. If you still have questions after reading the information below, you can find more details on our FAQ page.

As a Lithuanian citizen you can enter most of the countries in the world more easily, usually with no visa required. You can also check out the benefits section to know all the pros about being an European citizen.
In most cases you will not lose your current citizenship (check here).

After Brexit many British citizens are eager to get their EU passport in order to stay a part of the EU in the future, regardless of their country’s political decisions. Check the EU website for more information.

Click here to find essential information about Lithuanian citizenship laws governing this topic.
Use our Lithuanian Eligibility Calculator to check if you are eligible for Lithuanian citizenship.

Expenses include:

  • Consular fees
  • Document translation
  • Apostilles
  • Form preparation

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The process consists of two stages. The first stage is Confirmation of Lithuanian Citizenship. The  second stage is Transcription of Documents to Lithuanian Ones (only minors are required to do this last one).
Example: Ona, born in Vilnius, is Saule’s mother, who in turn is David’s mom. David is interested in getting himself a Lithuanian passport. In this case, it’s enough that Ona and Saule confirm their citizenship, one after the other, for David to get his passport and start working in Berlin.

First stage | Confirmation of the Lithuanian citizenship: if you held citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania before 15 June 1940, or if you are a descendant of a person who held citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania before 15 June 1940, you are considered a Lithuanian citizen. This law is valid up to the 4th generation, which means that if you are a great-grandchild you can still get your citizenship, provided you are able to prove so.

Second stage | Transcription of Documents to Lithuanian: this stage is required only for minors that already have a parent with Lithuanian citizenship. The required documents are:

  • Original documents and transcriptions
  • Power of Attorney signed by one of the parents
  • Notarized copy of both parents’ passports.
  • For the Lithuanian parent, his/her Lithuanian passport is required

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