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Our Vision & Mission

Imapolania is a company that offers its customers a simple and convenient way to obtain European citizenship and Passport. It’s as simple as that. We are neither intermediaries nor agents of some other company. We work tirelessly to provide step by step guidance and assistance through the entire process to ensure that people of Sephardic, Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese ancestry are able to be recognized as European citizens.

Besides, our general manager is a meticulous software Engineer, so he is a naturally detail-oriented person and always makes sure we deliver an efficient and meticulous service to our clients. He likes to call it Citizenship Engineering.

“Ima Polania”, from the Hebrew “ אמא פולנייה”, stands for Polish Mother, as our initial goal was to help people of Polish ancestry to go through the process of acquiring their citizenship, just like our CEO. Later on, more citizenships were added, as we investigated and learned about them enough to serve you with the quality and efficiency we always strive for.

What sets Imapolania apart from other visa/passport agencies and legal practices is that we have been through the process ourselves: our founder has a Polish passport and he is now waiting for his Lithuanian passport. Besides, many of our workers hold two citizenships as well. We also try to be more straightforward, and we develop a close connection with our clients. Check what our clients have to say about it in our Google or Facebook links.
The fundamental core of all our services is transparency and, like a good “Polish Mother”, we say it as it is.
No hidden surprises.

We won’t waste your time or money, but will say and explain everything as simply as we can. This is why we have such a high success rate in the acquisition of citizenships and subsequent European passports for our clients – we will only provide our service to you if we know you are an eligible candidate.

In other words, just like your own mom, let’s just say we won’t let go of you until you are comfortably settled in Europe with your new passport…and some nice food on your plate.

We Strive to Make Your Dreams Come True

Yishay is an entrepreneur, the company’s general manager and founder. He is an experienced software engineer, a cum laude (with outstanding merit) Technion graduate (Israel Institute of Technology) and he also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Tel Aviv University, as well as a Master’s Degree in Computational Linguistics taken in Germany. In other words, he has an extensive background based in the high-tech world. 

Shortly after applying for and obtaining his Polish passport in 2008, Yishay started Imapolania as an information site, with the sole aim of providing help to others also looking to tackle the process on their own. Later on, in 2009, he decided to officially offer his services to help others acquire their citizenship. 

Yishay prides himself on Imapolania’s high success rate and loves the fact that he has been able to help so many people fulfill their dreams of obtaining their European passports, and the chance to live and work in the EU.

Yishay is also very proud that his company is online, and almost all of its employees can work from anywhere in the world, from their computers.
We currently have co-workers on 4 continents, and very soon we hope to recruit someone on the missing continent – Oceania.

If you want to know a bit more about Yishay, go to his recently created blog here.

Yishay Raz


Citizen of – Israel, Poland & Lithuania, and coming soon also Brazil & Portugal | Living in – Brazil


What our clients say about our services

Here you can find some testimonials from our customers. For privacy reasons, a few chose not to share their names in public. Therefore, as always, we protected our clients’ interests and will.